Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Zipping files and then carrying them around is always more advantageous than taking whole files with you. Quite a few people, presently, cannot afford to buy instruments that would help them carry their important softwares where ever they go. In fact, this has become a major obstacle for many, and they end up recommending just by mouth, or in quite a few circumstances that I, myself have seen, they tend to forget the name of the software itself, and go about describing what all it does. Well, this is clearly of no use; not to mention how the listeners would have felt - liking the software by its discription, but not being able to own it. In my opinion, the safest, best, cheapest, and most convinient method one can probably use to travel with his files is by stuffing them into as much a small space as possible, so as to be able to:
1. Carry them around
2. Excecute them whenever required
3. Remove the executable files and yet retain one copy with him to use elsewhere, without
having to access his home computer, or the one which originally contained the files.
4. Perform the above three tasks within a short time, using less space, with greater security, and
remain highly efficient in all other tasks in line too!
5. As a sort of a sub-advantage (to point 4), the user may also be able to sell, and, in the process,
publicise for companies - even his own company, and in a better, more profitable manner!

Apart from executable files (.exe), one may also store about 6GB of documents in a 2GB pen drive, by compressing it. Saves a lot of money, doesn't it? And, as always, there's a catch - you don't find compression softwares lying around numerous sites on the Net. You may not find one at all, except those irritating trial-versions which either leave an unwanted watermark in all the wrong places, or which accept files only upto a certain size - which is so small, that you don't even have to compress them. However, since I, myself, had been trying to get one badly, and I know that there are many out there who are looking for one that can zip their files 'professionally', I realised the need to publicise a software that is:
1. Free
2. Professional
3. Easy to use
4. Customisable
5. Handy, and has more options for the user; and
6. Which can create excecutable packages - and softwares!

Well, ladyluck came along, and I finally did stumble upon one such software! Great news? Well here's something better: I have it hosted for my readers to download, at another of my blogs. Here's how you can download the software: Visit my other blog at, and click on the 'Take Away' tab on the navigation bar. Once you reach the 'Take Away' page, search for the title, 'Zip your Files!', and click on the downlad button. And, here's some more good news: I've zipped the file that you need to download, with the same software, so that you see an example of the end result of the software before you actually install it; and, so that you don't have to download a very large file!

Now that you know how to zip your files, here's what all you get with the software I've mentioned above:
  1. A wizard to make things snappy.
  2. A huge range of zipping layouts, and compression formats.
  3. A choice to customise the first, last, and almost all screens that te end user will come across when he is decompressing/excecuting.
  4. Choice to add your own licence agreement. The end user continues only if he clicks on 'Yes' or 'Agree'.
  5. Choice to add your own readme.
  6. Choice to, either ask your end user his choice of which file in the package he'd like to start with, or specify a file in the package that will autmatically open after decompression.
  7. Pre-set destination folder.
  8. Ability to add your 'Author's name', and copyright.
  9. Ability to add colours to the package, to make it interesting.
  10. Choice to add your own images and 'splash' images to preview during decompression.

Do you want more...? Then you're greedy! But, really, you do get more than what I've mentioned, for I've given only the basic details, useful for all people in common. Special options are available within the software too. So, have a great time zipping! (your files)


[P.S.: Since this post was ment to publicise, and make compression available to all, please recommend this blog and the one from where you will download the software, to your acquaintances. Also, try sending me a link to any interesting file that you upload after using the compressor software!]


Tuesday, February 24, 2009